How do I show my dog, indoors visitors are no danger for him?

Hello, my 1 year old miniature pinscher is a real dream dog, he hears as a one, is compatible with any dog, and one would not there a moment afraid to let him go without a leash. However, once we are at home and visit comes "for him strange even if they were already zich times because" he barks like crazy trips to the hair and pulls a tail. Our solution is hitherto the eyes to ban visitors Contact the dog, as this is the knack point, no one looks into his eyes, he can be petted without hesitation. However, one risks one look he is again completely out of control. He can not be assessed in this situation, dan will be sent to the court and then only once is resting. moves the host to dan or stands and goes to another room, he immediately sees another person as if the Guest is New herrein gekommen.Ich hope you can give me some tips on how my dog ​​also at home with a real visit may be sunshine!

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If in the future when the company comes, the dog out on the street and welcomes the visit there. When the dog is relaxed, which also goes alone, otherwise please twosome! (One holding the dog fixed with distance to visit, which welcomes other). Then the visit "before" is the dog in the apartment, sits somewhere. The dog is still on the line and one of you is sitting between the person and your dog. If he is eventually visually relaxed, you let the dog just off the lead, but the visit still does not care about him. Initially you can the dog something tasty to nibble give later the guest. But he should not it still watch it. That you should practice often. At a later stage a view is possible. Please do not send the dog to the ceiling, because that is connected in most cases with voltage and therefore be counterproductive. Normally, I am now not so on "vacation Recipes", therefore I give here rarely have any tips that go in the direction. You can try it, since you so now can also aggravate anything if you did not apply least some points correctly. And a great potential danger I see at this size now but not necessarily. At worst, it helps just not. Usually you must then in such a training more "fine-tune", but that does not work on the distance yes.

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The problem is that you not only can correct the barking was relatively simple wäre.Aber the cause remains yes.

Your description sounds like an insecure dog. My dog ​​reacts with strangers like that. Have a look at him too long he is insecure and is in its uncertainty forward. Let the people my dog ​​lying on the left and let him decide when he is ready for contact, everything is super.

Eye contact may be a threat to dogs.

I would look that you send the dog to his place before the company comes. This is his retreat, there it nothing happens and there it is looked at by any visitor, cuddled or whatever. You have to really pull through consistently to the court. Even if someone moves, it should remain there.

Even to the visit should completely ignore the dog. One can also adjust initially.

Before you do, however, something wrong, I would go in your place to a non-violent dog school. They can analyze why he does it, where it comes from, and thus the problem can be tackled at its root and dissolved.

It seems in any case, as he had tremendous stress.

Ruter or another "Dog Whisperer" ask.

he barks like crazy trips to the hair and pulls a tail

his is his home retreat! tell the people, which should be in the room stay WITHOUT the dog zugehe and is even on the go and sniff - one probably isses too stressful for him?

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