How do I start in Filezilla my domain to another site further? Prepaid Hoster

Hi, I have rented from prepaid Hoster domain, as well as a web space. I wanted it really so that if you have "" you enter on my YT channel comes and if you "" makes that you just go to my twitter account. Now it is so that whom you can write in the configuration via web space (online) only things before the domain (, but now I want to write these things to the domain ( Now I demand times and was told that I should announce myself in FileZilla FTP with the data and then you could in the htdocs create a file which will then settle this. What should I enter there and create it as is if you "" you enter on my YT channel comes and if you "" Enter H to get on my Twitter Acoount? Thank you in advance

The best answer is a simple subdirectory. You just build on your webspace simply a folder named example.

I have objected to the question, because you have already made 2 times. Why were you not satisfied with my answer?

Do you have personal, rather than simply asking a coward again me.

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