How do I teach my dog ​​his toilet to make out?

Hi, Unswar I've a few days ago brought a puppy (chiwawa) he is just 2 months old. I think he is still a puppy, it's okay that he does his toilet in the house but the question is how can I teach him to make his toilet outside? Since he is still so small and there is currently so cold I can not him sooo often bring out ..

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Hello as the very first thing you write Chiwawa not so but "Chihuahua. If you know how his race is correct, then a second, a dog should be at home do not view as a toilet. And third, to your question!

So, every 2 hours out about. That is not satisfied as accurate, important is to play after each, eat, sleep, and as needed. This can be 2x 1.5 hours or until again after 4 hours. It is important that you as the new holder the signs recognize when the puppy wants to solve. Symptoms and signs include turning in a circle, sniff increasingly, panting. Unsettled about toddle, beeping, whining, whimpering. You have to learn the signs be able to read it. Should the tots contact, you take it up and go to an undisturbed area for a quiet release space. Carrying him there. There you stop and wait to do until such time as he dissolve. Why remain standing? Often puppies are distracted by other odors and forgot to actually dissolve when it goes for a walk, even though the need precisely :-) was so big most when they have their environment explored, they pee then. If that is done outside, you celebrate a party with your puppy who is so profusely praised, hugged, play a bit with him or give him a treat every now and then as a reward! Do everything that a puppy is fun. If it happens indoors, not scold your puppy, not a purely nudge into Pipi! No Kommunikation.das is silently removed. Also caught in flagrante did and with commands fully bombing the puppy anyway not yet understood is rather counterproductive. If you findest a puddle it is still outside, even if the dog is outside does not solve. Because is not thought och dog has only just peed, now I no longer need to get out. Why? Because the dog associated with it when I make pee it comes out! And since you've praised so beautiful, and the puppy so that something positive has connected. Will he learn that it is better to break out! UNTIL out then the business in the absence of dog path is made. Why? Most make the way you are tense! Unconsciously, of course, hums to himself, or else there is a "Hmm" or sigh. An annoyed posture has safely. That should your puppy if none perceive that in doing so it combines bad. Cleaned The well with a strong cleaning agents (detergent with me helped), the body should still smell of pee, the chance very large, which is the puppy go to the same place again. ausrubbeln carpets as well and clean. Replace with If or remove the time being! It is important to scold the puppy on garkeinen event. Because he only learns the business do what is bad and it is negative, in your presence to dissolve. Then he will make it probably secretly! Also there he will resist it until he is undisturbed and you do not find yourself in its vicinity. A tip for the night go, go to sleep just before, again out with the puppy. Take him overnight into the bedroom, close the door and teach him a bowl and place to sleep. Close the door, therefore, the better you realize when the puppy is restless and he was not about tapst in the whole house / home. Imagine also optionally an alarm clock. Also during the day, in the room where you find yourself, shut the doors, that he does not have so many opportunities. With every week of life, the puppy can control his bladder longer. Although times 2-3 weeks of rest was, and it is once again what in the apartment. Do not despair, patience and head high.

Ok aaaaallsoooo .... just when you realize that he is looking a place to make his toilet you bring him quickly outside And when he has made outside praising you give him do it for example in the morning and not feed at night, so he did not in the night on the toilet, it must take course until he understood it but you've got the easy consistently.

since he is still a puppy, it's okay that he does his toilet in the house

Puppies need to learn from an early age to make out, otherwise it will be difficult to change accustom him.

If you approach it right, a puppy is also fast "clean"

You knnst also the search function use, issues like this are here provided daily..


It is really normal if a puppy sometimes makes in the apartment. You should not teach him but on a litter box or to make similar. The only prolongs the toilet training. If he really freezes very, then he put on a dog's coat. Especially young and small dogs (not only) freeze in the colder seasons. If it is greater, it probably does not need it. If you can not find suitable, you can repurpose a Onesie. then go every 2 hours after getting up, playing and eating out with him. Go with him on a very quiet place. Many young dogs do not go very far away from home, when a peaceful place is nearby, which is obviously great, if not, then carry it there. can learn Walking he even if he has become more secure. Then wait until he does. This can take, so introduce yourself ever on a. Once he has done, you praise him. What you do not do should: punish him if something goes wrong can make a litter / pad I wish you much fun with the little one!

Since he is still so small and there is currently so cold I can not him sooo often bring out ..

What a crap. All 2 he must go for hours. And eat after, sleep, play, romp, .... If you're too lazy to do it will never learn.

Does he give praise out, it does indoors without comment wegmachen

Buy the book. Imke Niewöhner: On the Life Primary schedule for puppies

Oh, boy ... who sold you a Welpr?

With eibem puppy you go every 2-3 hours out even at night! After eating, sleeping and playing you go out also. If he does something outside you praise him. Is he in there purely you punish belt you one because you were zulangsam, you brush the mess without comment away and fits better the next time on.

Please get yourself a dog school and buy yourself books. The Housebreaking is not the easiest of dogs to learn.

But you already write about a living dog ???

And just so you still learn something: This breed of dog is: Chihuahua

And if you have taken him 2 months to you, then he has been separated too early from his mother and siblings. That you should then make a few difficulties ... 3 -4 weeks later it would have been easier for all concerned ...

The toilet training begins immediately in her new home!

Since he is still so small and there is currently so cold I can not him sooo often bring out ..

How ??? you it's too cold and therefore the dog is not brought outside every 2 hours ??? Then you are very stupid - a healthy puppy is about every 2 hours brought it outside, in addition to feeding, after playing, after sleeping ...

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