How do I teach my puppy to go to the dog toilet?

We have recently two Chihuahua Puppy (siblings) who are not yet toilet trained. Now there is the problem that the two little ones not amount allowed, because it is outside too cold, and they would sink into the snow, and also begin to snow-free places in 2 minutes and to shake and whine and only returned to Warm want.

The breeder also said that she may in this cold (even with "Clothing") eingentlich hardly get out, and we should therefore get used to it first to a dog toilet. Only, the question arises how?

Various sites according to (we informed long before the purchase), should you go with the dogs after playing, eating and drinking, and after getting up for half an hour outside until they "go do", and they then praise extensively. One can our guys now but safely barely 30 minutes in the dog toilet, resulting in that they put in out rising shortly after the back and then stop somewhere else to make out, and rarely really into Kisterl. How can we get housebroken they now?

Thanks for all the answers :)

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You do not set puppies 30 minutes in the snow, who also told always has no idea. On the other hand, I am opposed Hundeklos when a corner of the apartment is a toilet, it may also be another, which is more difficult for the dog to understand than "just outside".
In my little (but was indeed eigenlich quite large for the snow was much higher), I have a piece of meadow largely shoveled and the rest snow all festgeklopft so as not to over sank ears. Every time she made a move and was uneasy after every sleep and a few minutes after eating I've worn them out and sat down there, less than 2 minutes later the matter was usually done.
This I always have only brought out at the last minute there was indeed more puddles in the apartment but you can live with, then rises halt the consumption of paper towels and glass clear for several weeks until they have understood it;)
the important thing is the stomach, but you can pretty easy to keep warm by you put your dwarf. When I was running at first I did my dog ​​always what umgetan because the belly was still naked and they are constantly stuck in the snow up to the nose.
After the first few times where they could not do anything with the cold, fluffy, white stuff, the parked cars and the loud Crane trucks simply were just monsters and sowiso much too big they then turn found fun, she loves to this day the snow, yesterday it is with joy rumgehüpft as a foal :)

Wow first you have to get respect The same 2 puppies. Not even experienced dog owners dare it. In young dog age, you'll always get by. One looks out from other the nonsense and vice versa as well. That is separate for each dog walks 6-8 x out! This is a fun, I hope you've thought about that well. Or. their!

draws your puppy a warm dog pullover and goes with them to the outside, so that they learn how to "make it right dog". hundeklos aind idiocy. sure they catch after 2 min outside standing around, to tremble. they are also not available, but run! you do have (allegedly!) informs you - apparently there was indeed nüscht by hundeklos. that's just for those cats, animals

hallo bella - achwasweißich it has already written you - shoveling ne larger area schneffei and there may mini then get to solve .evtl the grass nch recut times shorten. ne super idea. please not at first start katzenkloh for dogs. because euere dogs, once they become sexually mature use your entire wohung as Kloh to makie order. then they make no difference more. but you want the yes auchnur long as snow is ,, somehow I can understand that but you hasten the housebroken are thus also much too long and the animals are then latent unclean.

no dog must stay outside 30 minutes, as a puppy - when he begins to rotate on the spot m, then lift up and out with ihm-- then he will quickly dissolve even outside .Otherwise just times more often so all in wohung hour out with him if he could not solve and let out also move something to play with him.

ne hard time, but because you have to book now by. judged that you may have indeed 15-18 years, the dogs, are the few weeks until they are housebroken and even slightly larger but have nothing. otherwise you had you both ben until the summer to buy. and think about it - same behavior also applies to the night, so sleep in jogging suit, blank dog beside him in the bedroom to sleep, so that you can hear if he s report, which is very very important to sauberkeitserziehugn that they come out at night - lot of fun while shaking !! :-)

I would reinsetzen even after eating. Otherwise, if they caught as they do their business. take Zack and reinsetzen. Do the little done something, there's n Leckerlie and much joy

The breeder also said that she may in this cold (even with "Clothing") eingentlich hardly get out, and we should therefore get used to it first to a dog toilet.

Such Lerute called propagators. A breeder knows that this statement is utter nonsense.

A socialized dog does not in his lair, he is forced to, it may be that he will never be clean.

Coat and get out. And just once turn on the brain before the next dog purchase - puppies for winter in area with ner properly winter is pretty intelligence freed.

Various sites according to (we informed long before the purchase), is one with the dogs after playing, eating and drinking, and after getting

right so far

go for half an hour outside until they "go do", and then praise extensively.

Nonsense. 2 minutes per week of maximum iost

One can our guys now but safely barely 30 minutes in the dog toilet, Sure you can the, at least if you never want to be sauben they

How can we get housebroken they now?

Since you have probably offensuichtlich clue I recommend you (and thereby also 2 puppies-what a irrsinn) the book by Imke Niewöhner: On the Life - Grundscghulfahrplan for puppies. Otherwise play ever after, get up, sleep, eat, run around when they are uneasy to go out. Make them out praise + superlekkerlie, make indoors Suich himself slap (you slept) and wegmachen commentary (no essuigreiniger, optimally is BIODOR Animal - years of experience with NEM incontinent dog)

Seriously? A dog is a dog, no matter how old. Why are animals because so humanizes. Go out with the animals and accustom it to the cold. One must not stay outside long indeed. Drawing them to a small coat, if it is so bad, but they betüdel not.

Before I would teach my dog ​​indoors to make his business and you then have to teach that it is not ok, ego'd better off right. Until you have the issue of toilet out of the dog outside, it will take much longer than you have been taught it.

Can have unintended consequences. In addition, dogs usually make anyway reluctant in their territory, so better go with them out.

start after 2 minutes already shivering and whining and just want to come back to a warm room.

You should check the puppies right from the beginning accustomed to make out. Cold or not, it will not freeze the same. Once he has done, praise lot and go in again directly. The warm apartment then serves autmatisch also take him as a reward!

You will have problems, because if the dog has learned only once to make innerhab the apartment, it will be difficult to wean him again.

You read to time this issue by:

https: //www./frage/welpe-macht-ploetzlich-nicht-mehr-auf-pinkelmatt ...

not at all!

the breeder, the -is so erzahelt a kaese sold no breeder but a vemhere and he wnn you simultaneously 2 puppies which -shows also plenty incompetence ...!

makes a stueckchen free of snow and goes regularly every 2-3 hours with the hundchen out .. day and night ... for just a few minutes (1minute per week live ...)

dogs must move and be not gezwingen on litter box ... who does that, most comfortable and the eventually the whole house a dog toilet is ...

as you realize you need for a dog much patience .. with two age-matched dogs're there quickly overwhelmed ... (pretend you twins-no matter how many people there are ... that are so safe all be rare because -berufsbedingt ?)

I'm assuming that you bought healthy puppy dog ​​...

With no re-fed puppies you go 30 minutes piece out ...

One goes with puppy after each feeding, after each extensive game, after every nap for short !!! Time out so that they can be solved ...

In addition, you go first every 2 1/2 to 3 hours with the dogs in front of the door ... possibly even at night!

Who told you New Dog Hall Tern actually getting this nonsense of a dog toilet ???

Cats use a litter - for dogs there is not something !!!

Dogs dissolve outdoors - and only if they learn that you have at home to be "housebroken".

Snow out snow here, even Chihuahua's are dogs and dogs are not on litter. If you are beibringst them they make you sooner or later the whole apartment full. A dog does not want to soil his cave ...

I know not where did you inform apparently, but I've never read that a puppy is out for 30 minutes after eating, playing, etc ...

Power out a piece of snow, since they can then resolve to go. Since the kids anyway not allowed to be alone, is also always someone there that the dogs can be observed well, once you realize that one is restless, it's off. When taken out, praise, praise, praise, say "Pippi" and give treats, then the two have quickly figured out wenns doch mal goes in, brushing away without comment ...

My dog ​​(7 kg pooch), was also a Winter / Snow puppy, he got a little cloak, I have the garden freigeschippt and then still went out as usual ...)

Schmeist, the litter best right back in the trash or give it to someone who also has a cat, there is one out something that is ...

Have you the well considered, with two puppies at once?

Dogs do not belong to a dog toilet !! man man man

Watch them, and if they want to squat, then quickly to the bathroom or just outside

Ps .: The next spring is determined, and it is now not forever cold!

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