How do I train my dog ​​right and best?

Hello :) Since 2 days we have a small puppy and our 9 year old Newfoundland brought to us. Now I'm starting (13) already hin.und again its name to shout. Mostly he is rewarded with a cheese piece (:. Something like sitting can he already Housebroken he is already reasonably The Tierärtztin said he lacks muscles, now .. my question is how do I build my dog ​​muscles on how he hears most on.? me (going at a walk) and how can I best him tricks like space and learn so Danke schon mal (?: Maybe you have good ytvideos or speaks of experience :)

The best answer

https: // \ _10153826327964852 \ ...

This link (hope it works) shows the X-ray image of a two-week old puppy. As you can see to the bone, hips and all joints must first make even ...

The puppy is only for two days with you and I think you have a stress dog - hyperactive dog package planned for him!

Let him arrive first. He misses his mother, siblings and familiar environment because if you have not yet established, place and otherwise overwhelm what the little one!

Especially if it is an Irish Wolfhound, which means gentle raising of puppies.

Please read this book:

Puppies acquisition, education and care, Author: Clarissa von Reinhardt

Just so you have a chance to learn humanely with this dog deal. Scheints will curb Toerärztin you. Muscles automatically evolves with natural, voluntary movement of the dog. Full with his physical skills.

The Tierärtztin meant him missing muscles, now my question .. how do I build my dog ​​on muscles?

what a puppy, a Newfoundland dog?

The muscles developed over time with increasing age. A puppy can and may still do not exercise, even longer walks should be avoided. Let the puppy first time a few months older.

Newfoundlands are cozy and prefer to do nothing all day. Newfoundland can be like to inspire, walk and run for swimming are their interests less. We have 2 so cozy "packages" lying around!

The muscle develops with age. Education starts from the first day, he needs klarae Grrenzen so that he can feel comfortable and let yourself go. On brushes you visit a dog school because you all will be shown exactly

So what always helps quite well so that your puppy more focused on yourself and better listen to, is that you do a few exercises bond with him:

For example, you hide, so he has to look for you, or are you seeking little games with him :)

And with the muscles and it is already! Good luck :) and have fun with your new companion, a puppy is what wonderful

I meant, of course, from experience;)

My God,

if you already have a 9-year-old dog, there should be no question as to the education of another puppy.

Where are the parents or guardians?

Since when the education has to do with the muscles? ? ?

Nice that you call now and again the dog by name. One can leave for 1 week once.

Yepp, and as you yourself write: YT videos are plenty.

Maybe just once previously check with a breeder instead of looking videos that fit anyway no dogs and owners?

Is this a question Fake?

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