How do life exciting? : /

Hello my dears!

First in advance my life is beautiful and it has not given me the full broadside, so stupid reply can you dankee you spareen: *

So my life is beautiful in the normal sense, I am 12 a half, have a sister, am a girl who had a best friend, and even such things can you ask yes even with the answers. Well in any case my life is totaal angweilig, every day is the same ... It is so: I am looking for> go to school> do homework> learn when soon a work is> watch TV> go to bed. Although I have once a week dancing, but that does not change much on the boredom. Now I would like some tips on how I can refresh my life can make or exciting !!


The best answer

Do something that you have never done before, try new things. Break through the daily routine and do things you otherwise at this time would not do

do something for others !!! perhaps especially for old people

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