How do you estimate a behavior? : D

So ... I sometimes seem to myself as if I were a little weird in the presence of other people. : D Sometimes I do not know how I should act in a large crowd. And otherwise I'm funny sometimes. When I sit on the train, then I remember something funny spontaneously, and I have to smile. : D Or I stare in front of me, because I think about something. : D Or sometimes I'm pretty clumsy. Do you think that comes arg funny over? : D How do you think the effect on outsiders? : D LG

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I'm just like you. No joke, I dream all day to myself and think not that bad. My friends do not. Be yourself :)

does not come over funny no fear

Oh I know exactly what you mean! ^^ But you know what? I like how I am! Because I'm different. Why should not I allowed to laugh when I have beautiful thoughts, or why I should not be able stare in front of me when I want to think about something ^^ Also, I can tell you, if I just another human being, in my opinion, groundless or laughter see grin, I'm happy about it;)

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