How do you find this PC? And what could be changed?

PC System Core i5-4590 - GTX 970

Case: Cooler Master - CM Storm Enforcer with CPU window (processor): Intel Core i5-4590, 4x 3.30GHz | HD 4600 - Refresh Motherboard: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate, Intel B85 Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB Memory: 8GB DDR3-1600 (2x 4GB) HDD: 2TB WD Caviar Green drive: DVD burner 24x Samsung SH-224DB Power Supply: 550W - Corsair VS Series sound card: HD Audio onboard wireless LAN: Wireless LAN (PCIe) 300MBit / s CPU cooler: Scythe Kotetsu

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Install SSD, believe me without SSD of Pc is lame. take place i5 Xeon. GTX 970 I do not like too much curtailed. Dear GTX 980 when have more money available or R9 290 / x.

PSU -> High higher quality take. BeQuiet Straight Power // Pure Power

CPU -> Upgrade possibly on a Xeon (Wenns fits the socket ago!)

(I7 - not really worth it ..)

HDD / SSD -> Possibly a Crucial MX100 with 120 / 240GB for Windows. Data etc of course pack to the normal HDD!

Other power supply that Corsair VS is for a ton. Take the LC Power LC9550, Antec TP-550C, E10 500 Watt or 550 Watt Antec Edge

sounds good. possibly even a SSD for the operating system

I'd advise to nem other CPU. Have even the 970 plus i7 4790k 4x 4:00 GHz. And if you n clever motherboard then walk actually no sound card ^^

Is the s ready pc from amazon or something ebay etc.

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