How do you get a dog at verfressendem tricks?

Want my parents a few tricks show at Easter with my Nacho Baby !!

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Staring you here eg:

If your dog can motivate with food it is of course easier and quicker time but needs it anyway to a dog tricks can. Until Easter is very ambitious, I would limit myself first to a trick, then it might work reasonably reliable.

Dogs will do anything for food, so also tricks.

give example with paw you can make it fit and then take his paw in the hand, doing with the other hand, the sign of the trick and say clearly the command and then give the treat.

I hope I could help you.

Is indeed the easier: D üb always something to eating with him a trick and give him then

What do you have for a dog? And this has aged well within a year three years? As you well?

Why do you even want to pull for your parents a show when they treat you bad anyway, beat and insult you?

With your mother you've probably reconciled yourself again in no time. Otherwise it can not be explained, that she suddenly Gelnägel allows you. At age 13, by the way is not suitable for children.

I say this only: Troll you!

Best trick ever is, you are to eat it even more ... The trick .... He bursts irwann and yet NEN horny trick

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