How do you make home theater speakers to best effect?

So I soon Av receiver / home theater system to buy. I want to know how to set up the speakers Best.

The best answer

The best in every corner of the room should you place a speaker. This should then always the seating position (sofa, chairs) show from the one then wants to track the film. In addition, you can usually adjust to the system even the exact position (orientation, altitude, distance, etc.) of each speaker. But actually it is all well again exactly explained in the accompanying description and written, where to stand, the speaker and which settings are necessary.

Front stereo triangle, in the middle of the center. The subwoofer either Calibrate or adjust the seating position and see where it sounds best, because then stand the sub.

up Rears with min. 1m and listening distance 1m wall distance and Squaring the way you like it, the Fronts can either Squaring strongly what a deeper stage brings, or little Squaring, causing further stage.

And then Start to adjust the room with bass traps, diffusers and ceiling panels.

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