How does a higher profit (self) to the family allowance has made?


I'm Feiberufler and just do my tax return for 2014. on Nov I expect my first child.

I had quite a lot of costs in 2014 and could now deposed this. But if I do this it affects yes also to the expected parental allowance. I lie at around € 1.300 parents money if I put down everything ... if I were deposed now eg 5000 € less ... then I have indeed more tax numbers (listen to a sentence), but would not yet be worth when I would get further from the more profit 65% parental benefits?

Thank you very much!

The best answer

This actually works. If these, 5,000 - are correct and I from 1.300, - reckon parents money on your income back, you would approximately .1500, - € to pay more taxes, but about 250, - Euro get more parents money, so 3,000, - a year ,

The bill goes on.

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