How does Freud to freedom and Deter Mation?

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I have to give a lecture on Sigmund Freud, including the point of biography to be included and the case of Anna O. But where he met them? I find this not, just as in: How does is Freud to freedom and Deter Mation, ie whether man is free or a free will.

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About Anna O. Much has been written. It is worth perhaps even in the look 'Studies on Hysteria' pure.

  • became famous Bertha Pappenheim to a wider public as a patient of Josef Breuer under the pseudonym Miss "Anna O.". Your case history is in the "Studies on Hysteria" (1895) described that brought out Breuer along with Sigmund Freud. It is when the first case described in which succeeded hysteria "fully investigate" and to bring the symptoms to disappear. Your statement that speaking her help to relieve her soul corresponds to the later as "catharsis theory" designated treatment technique of psychoanalysis. Freud therefore described as the "real founder of the psychoanalytic process". Because of this case history, the statement was, "the hysteric suffers mostly from reminiscences", ie traumatic memory content, which may be "processed" by telling, first formulated \ _Pappenheim

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