how does one best the night through? i

without getting tired?

The best answer

  1. amphetamine
  2. caffeine
  3. cocaine
  4. mescaline
  5. Mate
  6. Ritalin
  7. Captagon
  8. ephedrine
  9. Phenethylamine derivatives

but Try going to sleep better;)

The stims without side effects

The brief nap in between has been investigated in numerous studies. These findings are considered to be secured:

It has a positive effect on short-term memory aus.Es increases Leistung.Es reduces weight: Tired people have a greater appetite for fat and sweet Lebensmittel.Es protects against heart disease: If you three times at noon sleep half an hour a week, you can use your heart attack risk by 37 percent senken.Es makes a good mood: Who has not slept much, is irritated quickly. A nap increases the levels of serotonin in the blood, a hormone that sentiment hebt.Es prevent fatigue before.

Put your head quietly on the desk

Who is at home, it has natural light with its nap - and just cuddle on the chair together. But even in the office, you can integrate the short-nap in your lunch break: Fold out the backrest of your chair back. Then put your feet up. Close your eyes and relax. It is particularly important that your head is supported. Is your chair back is not her, put your head on the desk. Namely, it is not necessary to sleep lying down. On the contrary, bed or sofa to get lured into a long sleep. The power nap should not in any event take between 20 and 30 minutes, more than an hour. Nod a longer, a deep sleep may be out of your short. Become then aroused, you feel irritated and confused. In addition, decreases with a longer sleep, blood pressure and you feel tired and exhausted afterwards. The optimal time for a nap by the way is 13 to 14 AM. And best after eating because the body can then focus all his energy on digestion.

Before drinking coffee: No Problem!

Who does not want to renounce his espresso after lunch, can safely enjoy it in front nap. Because the caffeine acts only after 20 to 30 minutes. So if you drink a cup of coffee and go to sleep right after that, use ideally both restful sleep and the stimulating caffeine.

Here you can read more: http: // ...

Schaff Dir'n child, then you know how you go through nights: D Ne, joking aside - Why you gonna do the night? (So ​​I am glad for every second sleep, I can get) You could build furniture or make important written work. Something that calls and where you forget the time. Possibly goes also a game (console, PC) - is only on life not so good I think;)

Headphones with loud music or go out with best friends or something in the City. If hard but collapsed.

Coffee, fresh air and an activity that keeps one busy.

Gambling, Energy, Energy, Energy

Much fresh once it is possible to go to take a shower and do things that a promote not only watch TV but do things where you have to think ahead

A lot of drinking coffee: D

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