how does one recognize an underactive thyroid?

How do you recognize an under functioning of the thyroid and what are the consequences if it is not "treated" ??

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The symptoms of hypothyroidism are sorted by age often different and usually appear on at a stronger hypothyroidism. Typical symptoms are power loss, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to cold, loss of appetite and an increased susceptibility to infection, including constipation and bradycardia. If you suspect to hypothyroidism you should introduce yourself with your family doctor and a blood test can be performed and, if ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland.

Unrecognized and untreated can cause hypothyroidism in the occurrence of so-called myxedema coma, which really is not harmless. Wishing you all the best!

I was constantly tired and increased hab. Since I take tablets, all is well again :)

The long-term consequences of untreated hypothyroidism you can read here: The mental symptoms of severe hypothyroidism can have serious consequences. The disorders can trigger hallucinations and delusions. The experience of one's personality and the determination to the environment are often changed. Sufferers feel "controlled from the outside."

The extent of the swollen body parts such as the face, tongue and eye areas can take dubious forms. In a long and difficult history of this sub-function may be secondary to increased fluid retention in the body tissues (edema). The skin then feels doughy.

The changes in the heart can lead to heart failure. The bad blood values ​​often have a negative impact. For example, the increased cholesterol levels can langsfristig lead to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). The slowed metabolism also restricts the absorption of vitamins and minerals, which could lead to serious deficiencies.

In rare cases, can lead to a coma state an untreated underactive thyroid, especially if additional burdens on the parties concerned to act. These may be infections, anesthesia or drugs with calming effect.

For me an underactive thyroid was found times by increased hair loss. But there is certainly still more evidence. If you suspect you should have the check by a doctor.

So first to the symptoms: - tiredness and lack of drive - weight gain and an increase in blood lipids - pale skin - brittle hair and nails - menstrual disorders (logically in women) - potency problems in men - fluctuations in blood pressure and slow heart beat - pain in muscles and bone etc. an underactive thyroid can, however, easily be checked by a blood count

Untreated suffered heart damage, the bone and cartilage structure is disturbed, it can lead to depressive moods, many suffer from chronic constipation .. So is not very good for the whole body.

Some things can be sooo easy:

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