how does that girls?

How can most of you still on guys when guys yet so perverse. ??? !!!

The best answer

So I personally stand 'not at all in such a macho. One type is hot when it is sweet to you and a romantic vein has. A decent guy and would not splurge around everywhere how many wives he already popping. Girl assets but also dirty, when they are alone with their guys!

Yes as you say already that are little boys who do not know what they are saying! Real men my age there are already more mature you will eventually also notice yourself ((;

They live under the motto: "Hope dies last"

Punctuation marks are not pack animals

Shall we ALL are suddenly on women?

Because somewhere out there even very sensible guys live;)

Girls are usually just perverse only they do not show it so openly.

who will ask always better

What are you? sexist or something? Or do you want that all women are homosexual? Not all guys are perverse, is not sexist.

sexuality is what normal, nothing perverse

Are not we all a pervert? Men show it only when we open: D

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