How does the oil transport?

Have in my apartment on the 3rd floor standing oil heaters 3, which are supplied by supply lines from the basement with oil. In the basement a large oil tank is connected to pump. If I the valve close to the lead in the cellar (according to legend), captures the growl pump on. Does that mean they transported oil or means that that iwas ned true. If she carried oil the so hot that the label is incorrect. But Will it ned to try because I want to make the pump ned broken: x Please help.

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If you are the suction-side or pressure-side valve closes when the pump is running you can destroy the pump, since the closing of the suction-side, a vacuum arises and this resulting in cavitation which can damage the pump. It is during the closing of the pressure-side valve, since there is pumping the pump against the closed valve and the pump it could lead to destruction! So let such gimmicks to heating and fuel systems, if you have no idea what you're doing! Unless you have too much money and or want to provoke a warm tear, because by such gimmicks many houses are already so lost in smoke and ashes!

the pump begins to buzz because it goes against pressure, whom you should valve to make the pump from its ... there should be a pressure relief valve as a return line ... makes on its products but the pump broken ... .soweit I understand your description. quite simplifies the pump that is too exhausting and so she hums whom she tries to push oil through a closed circuit: D

it is the ... is there a cable to the valve or is a purely mechnisches?

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