How fooled himself?


how can you consciously kidding yourself?

(Because "I can piss myself" the saying)

The best answer

It's a saying. And like most proverbs you just want to express something so.

Whether one can piss himself, I doubt.

Of course you can the.

If can not be true that not be true may for example, only take time religion.

There is just enough contraindications for what because it claims and they would answer it in fact in his own thinking Include, with reason and logic open mind on the matter, one would at least fall into doubt.

Nevertheless, "create" there are many people still cling to it by negating otherwise Notes, reinterpret, deny, disparage and, the main thing itself timbered or switched cards House not bang together, in the last instance a simple solution is even to denigrate fellow, what clues put forward that might not fit - or even worse to do with them.

This is of course selbstverars .....

Or look at times some questioners here. Ask questions umpteen times until they get the answer that they wished not matter, whether it is true or not so. Fallen answers differently, even if they should be factually justified, you cling from. Also a form of Selbstverars .....

people who deceive themselves. and yes, that happened many every day.

Yes, I have learned enough.

No, I'm not fat.

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