How gew'hne my dog ​​from the chicken hunting?

My dog ​​hunting and beiss my chickens if they caught them, she is in front of the chicken coop in wait; waiting dadrauf when the chickens are free

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Hunting behavior is a basic instinct of our dogs. Thus, it is not "aberziehbar" - possible is only the dog to educate so that this behavior would be controllable.

This anti-hunting training but unfortunately neither explained with three sets - yet educationally due in three weeks.

Good tip from me: either you go into a corresponding dog school that can help you safely. Or do you procure the book "Anti Hunting Training For Dogs" by Uwe Friedrichs. This is very understandable and well written and explained when applying the tips and education proposals - then it is a good deal even further.

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Hi it there in the store a harness, a towline and opinion amplifier as treats. Home has to be then on leash in the garden of the dog, as long as the chickens are in danger. Practicing can try it, said he now already had hunting success and it is very difficult that rauszutrainieren again, would therefore be a dog trainer come to hurry you. And would do is give the dog something else to do in the garden, which he sometimes to do something else has to look out to the chickens. This can with tidbits hiding in the garden happen or with toys like Treibball, intelligence toys and Co ...

How can you let the dog totbeissen only your poor chicken ???? Not the dog has it. The conscience but only you as the owner of the dog The dog was on the chicken because he was not on a leash, let alone brought up and you rauslässt chickens despite freewheeling dog .... would therefore suggest for each chicken which was torn, you take a newspaper rollst them together and housed them on your head until you sure are that the dog may not be readily to the chickens.

Chickens are a popular hunting of many dogs. Our dog also lurks on the fence when the chickens of the neighbors run loose. He could indeed jump over, but is not his territory, and he is content with dummy attacks against the fence in order to once again really stir things up. We had earlier also hunting dogs who have lived with our poultry peacefully together. If your dog here helps only a fence, the chickens are safe and the dog has more than a little cinema.

Almost no ... you can him with massive pressure when indeed bring it to the chickens when you're there ignoieren, but that only works as long as you be up. Is he alone he does it continue.

And him a lot needs to negative experiences with match.

often, it helps if the chickens are still kuecken and you it is as "schuetzenswert" dogs einfuehrst..aber in the family for some of the hunt rubbed so great that only secure protection for the chickens help ...

my dog ​​has unfortunately also raise chickens to eat you ..

she is in front of the chicken coop in wait; waiting dadrauf when the chickens are free

which is inborn and normal hunting behavior.

It is easier to protect the chickens by fence in front of the dog would.

protecting the chickens in front of dog by building a fence around it. and if your dog is in front of the stall - then get him thence WITHOUT grumble without comment - just be carried off.

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