How goes away is because the nose piercing before come there was a bobbel but it has the beautician away but now sees it do something like this?

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You could also try a scar cream. I once got from my Dad for a scar to forehead laceration Contractubex gel gekriegt- first I was skeptical, but he swears it because his surgical scars healed well. And the caesarean scar to my sister, who was very united has .. Also very gebssert (she and I have then times ne Lethal Weapon: just look hereby action taken, was funny).

I thought, after I've made Köpper on tiles (I slipped), I will the rest of my life to look like Harry Potter? Nope .. 2-3x daily gently einmassier t (the stuff is very economical) and NEM month already one saw almost nothing more. Now nothing.

In short: highly recommended before you think about other steps!

Pharmacy or Internet, about € 13-16

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