How "good improvement" in leukemia wish?


My girlfriend is with acute leukemia in the hospital in the isolation ward. Total 6 weeks. Only her husband is allowed to visit. she is so tired and worn, they do not want to call or email. You just sleeps and is approx 3-4.Std. awake.

I want to give to a card you like, once you write with such a serious illness?

... Which will well again .. sounds so unrealistic?

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I myself have this disease I can understand your girlfriend would do me as well when friends send times ne nice card to me like for example we find it a shame that you're not currently there but we would appreciate that you come back

it is a disease where man never know what will happen next, it is also can be come by and when one knows that the people of a thought then much easier or just something on whatsapp or so just write even if it is difficult for outsiders to the sick person as his

Hi, I also suffer from a disease (not leukemia but similar bad), I know how your girlfriend feels when I lie, for example, to intense, and I received a card, then I am happy most about sentences, as we forward perhaps to see us you again soon, just write what you think, because it's actually nice to hear when your friends and the reality can look in the eye. And there is always hope that the person is healthy again, so I will turn to you and your girlfriend fingers crossed that everything will be fine

"Happy" is best.

No ... it is not unrealistic! What you're going through right now is very difficult for you and even more difficult for your friend. I'm that just very close.

However, it is realistic that it is curable. It's a hard fate in any case. That much is obvious!

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