How is that? Deliver newspapers?

Hi. I am 15 and carry newspapers and usually the newspapers are delivered later than at 15:00 (it still has to insert). Well yes so far so good, but now they are still not there and I have to be played on Saturday. In the beginning, when I started, who have said that they have to BE to 17:00 there, so at 17:00 the latest. In operation now is no longer to call. My question now is, when the come now, I have to then "edit" xd? I'm not lazy or so and have just not in the mood to make now, but I just think it's outrageous that the do nothing, because these are always much.

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I know that very well;) I really must on Wednesday after school unsubscribe aba these are Wednesday came only in the evening which was very excited because I still austrage other newspapers;) I'll call as actually getting to because his yes because have if someone has questions. In your place I'd they unsubscribe anyway because she tomorrow eh out to what else is it if not would be there tomorrow: D'll call anyway and do the right times to sow;) FOR US Paperboy / INTERIOR: D

raussuchen best email address, consenting in writing to make clear that you do not fulfill your work can because of an error by someone else. If you are not housed him for his error in the pan you'll be so easy for his error in the pan cut the

So life is! And the question is, do you want money in the form of wages or rather leisure. Just bite the teeth and through. The driver puts certainly somewhere in traffic - he would have rather been Feierabend.

I Wirde not make it

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