How likely is a pregnancy despite the pill?

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First of advance, so I was informed, thank you ...

I had on Sunday a week before sex with my boyfriend, but stop without a condom. I know that was not very smart. Well but it was not entirely unprotected. I suppose really the pill, but I'm not 100% reliable, so wirs usually do even with a condom. I take the pill every day already, just not always at 12 .. Sometimes I take them too late to 5 h, am unfortunately really forgetful. Can you get pregnant so, despite the pill?

And on Sunday he did not come in to me (I know air drops and so ...) he's just come on, but not in me.

And, actually, I should now have received my days, but is not. the fairly on time and the stresses due to the pill usually get me just incredible!

How likely is it that I'm pregnant? And at what point I could make a test?

Thanks for all your answers HELPFUL!


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Hello reddress97

If you take the pill regularly, not vomiting, no diarrhea has and any medications takes the effect of the pill affect, one has taken at least 14 days on a regular basis the pill front break, the break not längerals takes 7 days and one on day 8 again carries on the pill, then istman during the break, and immediately thereafter, protected to 99.9%. If this applies to you, then I can imagine mirnicht that you should be pregnant. The pill is one of the sicherstenVerhütungsmittel and if you are both healthy you can come on the condom renunciation and it can also in you. It is also with vomiting and diarrhea continue to be protected when manrichtig responding and a pill nachnimmt when it happens within 4 hours after taking the pill. When diarrhea is one in this case only wässrigerDurchfall.

The bleeding (not period) can ever come late or even absent. It is only important that the pill break never lasts longer than 7days. On the eighth day you start again with the first pill of neuenBlisters, regardless of whether you had a bleeding or if they are still holding.

If the pill take that man no period but one by the hormone withdrawal, artificially induced withdrawal bleeding and that says a pregnant or not pregnant from anything. Only give a pregnancy test kanndir security. Beieinem blood test is possible 9 days after GV reliable results.

Thus, the pill can not forget the memory to the phone store. You can also place the package in addition to the coffee machine, in addition dieKaffeetassen or next to the toothbrush.

Our experience has shown that the pill is safe increase in the morning. It is usually at the same time and if you get up at the weekend Sometime later makes the time difference does not matter if imBeipackzettel your pill is that you achzunehmen a forgotten pill to nachnehmen to 12hours canoe.It is you then have all day to a forgotten pills. Dinner is more on the road and overlooks thenthe time.

Greetings HobbyTfz

If you do not trust the pill and otherwise anyway always used a condom, then you can also settle the same. Even to your Vergesslichtkeit because there were better ways for you to preventing, Ex. Implanon or GyneFix.

Specifically to your problem is very unlikely that you are pregnant, you have 12 hours time nachzunehmen the pill, thus you were protected. If you still doubt, then just do a pregnancy test.

  • When you ingest the pill, then have you no longer fertile days. You can not go to a normal cycle. By hormones is the switched-off and you have only infertile days. But the hormones are indeed responsible. Estrogen prevents ovulation and progestin to prevent the buildup of the uterine lining and changing the cervical mucus.
  • Therefore you can, when you ingest regularly and no mistake doing (four hours after taking diarrhea or vomiting should be tested, you have a forgotten and have failed to comply within 12 hours or a drug've taken that could affect the way), then you can you also without additional prevention have traffic.
  • And the bleeding during the pill may also be used again later. So even on the last day. Only if it has failed and you begin the new blister, you should act. Then make a test or go toe timely with your gynecologist before. That you should always do when the blood flow is changed, it fails or Vermehr spotting or breakthrough bleeding occur.
  • Women who become pregnant under the pill, it noted at mostly at specific symptoms that may develop.
  • Even if this bleeding is artificial and is caused by the drop of hormones during the period in which no pill is taken, it can still say something. You can also occur despite pregnancy. But they will be more likely to occur in an altered form. Say the strength to normal blood flow is reduced, the color will be more brownish or even from RECOURSE. This is also triggered by the hormone beta HCG. It serves to maintain the pregnancy upright. For this reason, the body tries to protect an existing pregnancy and does not attempt to repel the endometrium or curb it. Otherwise, the pregnancy could be jeopardized and there would be an abortion.
  • After eight to twelve days after the presumed fertilization the hormone can be detected in the blood. Good early test can usually be already done 14 days after presumed fertilization. A test has antibodies that react with the HCG and then appears the famous red line. But one should rather wait a little longer as a test requires a certain concentration of HCG. But since one can only say approximately when ovulation was, are very little within 14 days, a normal test.
  • Charging you but an app for your pill. There is great free. Then you dokumentierst taking, the app reminds you of the intake and once you make a mistake, she says what you shalt make thee.

Very highly unlikely. You have to make up the revenue up to 12 hours and are then still protected. Probably you do you therefore only thought and that's why you have not your day. If you do not manage the pill regularly and taking time you need to be a different contraceptive think.

Even if you were pregnant, you would, despite the pill get your day, because that is an artificial hormone. Imagine better in the future an alarm clock so that you do not quite forget. One can take the later to 8h, without that one is unprotected, but should they still try to take time. A pregnancy would therefore be quite comical. In 2 months you can definitely make a test, would also have to leave early, but since I'm not so sure.

You can get pregnant with pill, one can never rule out anything. Taking a test and / or go to the gynecologist.

Can possibly happen. No sex is the safest sex. Or crocs.

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