How long a rabbit comes out without water?

Hello :) I would be interested how long survive rabbit actually without water?

Ps: Yes, I give my rabbits every day fresh water. :)

The best answer

hare may no fresh or cold water to drink every 2nd day water which room temperature has

Hello flower rabbits,

already a strange question, do not you think?

The water balance in a rabbit is dependent on several factors. Eats the rabbit much dry feed, hay, dried vegetables or herbs, dry food (unhealthy) from the supermarket, it is certainly not so long without water like a rabbit which constantly get fresh food.

It is also temperature dependent. If there are 30 ° C in the shade, then a rabbit of course needs more liquid than in winter.

The question how long a rabbit is therefore endures without water depending in what circumstances the animal lives.

I do not know the answer because my rabbits are never thirst. Package I would say 2-3 days ...

Ask rather how long you get along without water -.-

Until then it dies. Do you know it

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