How long are you overcame death by the dog?

Hello, my problem is I can not get over the loss of my dog. Are there tricks to push a little ... Not to think permanently about it? I can not anymore!!

Today in 7 days my friend for 1 year dead ... An awful long year, I still have it in mind, as the vet sat in our living room and had even tears in his eyes ... (3 weeks ago died her dog) to 13.5 Betreungsjahren (since puppy at) lull our beloved dog ...

I gotten him when he was 10 weeks (my parents did not want him before Christmas, otherwise it would have children 3.5 and 7 seen for us as a Christmas present from). He was since my gesprechspartner I could tell him everything. By the time he was 10, I thought to keep in mind at some point to say goodbye. Property me then Mentally "away" in this period it would never hit me so bad because I was prepared there a reason he was fiddle on it .... But suddenly I'm that good.

Every time I take his name in the mouth, or in the sky looking I have tears in my eyes, look at a picture is reached already made to Mentally be back at 100% at him.

Well, he fell asleep peacefully, did not resist ... Was happy throughout the day. He is in his box in our living room. I wish my blind comrade was still with me (slow by Gend effect Blind become (Border Collie, hats Liene))

I can not, I need to do what I can do. Words such of my friends, you did the right thing or her. Bring nothing. Or him it's better there I know. I know that he would have suffered it was at his best, but now I suffer ...

He will certainly not that I am sorry, but our new Border Although Charackterlich as it was typical Border color etc completely else that was important to us. But he's no help ... My parents and siblings he has helped very well.

With my best friend I talk regularly on "death in animals" they lost their doe and takes as little so clear. Actually, we pull each other so difficult down.

My friend is indeed there for me but he does not understand that I still so hang on my dog ​​(only grew with birds so little animal bond). I miss him so much.

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My Doberman died on 28.07.2009 with only 5.5 years and even when we were on holiday - without him. It hit us like a slap in the face. We mourned, and also made us reproaches why we were on vacation. It was horrible.

4 months after his death came a friend of mine with a bitch that she had rescued from a basement. She was emaciated, full of abscesses, eingetrettenen teeth - a sight of horror. She asked if I could take the mouse for 1-2 days. What I did, of course. I took care of them, they peppelte on and did me good. Of course, they stayed with us. Through them I learned to laugh again, could walk again without going to howl. But my Dobi I have never forgotten and still run down my tears when I write this.

And my dog ​​died in December after 5 years at the age of about 16 years. Now I grieve for both.

But I confront - I watch images of happy days, of days as Hundi was happy and I errinnere me of things where I have to laugh about Hundi and then go away the tears and a smile comes.

A new dog never replaced the old dog and that's a good thing, because there are individual beings. I have two dogs - a 4.5 years old male - my Knave, who was brought up by my old bitch and she doted. He mourned greatly when she died - I have to stay strong for him because he needs me and he does not need me laughing as Trauerklos. And then I have a 10 months old female, my sunshine. She managed a repeatedly to bring a smile. She is very funny.

Nevertheless me rise tears to my eyes in some situations where I have to think of my Dobermänchen or my dog. This is so that one must live. Each animal is this, takes a piece of heart. But one has experienced so much Great and I am grateful - to be able to appreciate my experience Dobi to may have been grateful my bitch.

The grief never goes past you have to learn it as part of your to accept life at some point you're going to think gratefully di nice time with your dog, unfortunately, is one take farewell also but remember many people have had your erlebnisse with such an animal never what is better

which can take a long time ... time heals wounds, but is a bad beautician ... my first dog died about 10 years ago, my first rude before 12years and in December I had to let my princess go ... I imagine always like they flit happy and healthy through the clouds and angel hunt ... without pain and suffering watching us from above and protect us ... there are still hours in which I look at the starry sky, thinking love to all my up there cuddle together and play, and the tears in the eyes have ...

not shame on you your tears and he whom thou hast feeling that rips it up and go into the forest and cry your pain out, very loud ... there you only hear the animals there and will understand you

Everyone grieves differently long. If you do the views of the urn very painful would it be buried for you a possibility? If you have no garden possibly with relatives. Mir has always helped with my animals, if they could physically Resting well and I still have a fixed place of mourning. And above all, do not talk so much about death :). Perhaps it was as a person and not really good to take a dog for you receiving the court (although not as a substitute model but as a completely new chapter it does sometimes but woe) and you would first of all have used a little more time to grieve. I think sometimes you currently shove something around with you because you subconsciously have the feeling that he was simply replaced. Do not let take the memories of him and grief for as long as you need it. Sometime accepts all on alone.

Just Imagine always he has better! And if you are devout -> Will you him once again! He is always in the heart with you! Write a letter (for your dog) and burn it, you have taken leave, and you are prohibited him mourn (you promised him in the letter, that he finds peace!) Also is serving urn still there! So he's FÜRIMMER with you! And do not neglect your new dog, it is bit unfair! And do not dwell in the past, do not think about the future, think of that now! So I hope that you can take the letter to your dog goodbye! Since you can write in all (so to speak, to talk to him) and you can also write regularly a letter! So you talk to him again b

You'll never forget your pets. It is also not bad. Talk to people about it. Talk about your verstrobene animals.

I know people whose dog are 10-20 years dead and they often tell with tears in their eyes about their dogs. They say it helps them when they talk about it.

have hired Talk about funny things that your animals. Not about the way they. I keep my cat (was 18) in mind as he was: a bumbling Opa, the nonsense do take. I red often with my parents about him, do you remember when he ....

The time does not heal the wound, but with time you get used to it, and the pain is just less.

it takes a long, even very long. we had a total of 5 dogs, so not all the same, my German bulldog had to be euthanized due to senility and problems of bones, also our 1st kangal had to be wingeschläfert .. Our 3 are fortunately still fit, as have our JTZ 2. kangal from the animal shelter, which reminds me a little of my first favorite, but they are all different, and no one is able to replace any .. directing from you, I think all who have their beloved pet, no, her boyfriend (!) lost know that it's hard to "let go" and I wish you much strength and happiness. but please give your new collie a chance! good luck and greetings love!

It takes a long time. We have had our dog (Golden Retriever) 12 years, unfortunately, he had to be put down because he had an aggressive bone cancer. It also happened at our house and he fell asleep in my arms. The mourning lasted very long. And even today, after almost 10 years I miss him often. Many people create at once a new dog and focus on him. Should help.

I'm sorry for you. It is normal that you grieve, finally you had with your dog is a close connection. He's just a friend / family member as people. I can not tell you how long you're going to need to process the grief you. I can say that I would not use "tricks" you only. You need the time, so take you please, since there is no "tricks".

All the best


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