How long can a dog transitional stay with me?

How long can you take a dog as a "holiday replacement" for when pets are not explicitly prohibited in the lease? At what time you need the authorization of the proprietor?

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What is not forbidden is allowed first. The accommodation of a dog is first no violation of the contract.

If the landlord receives from the dog knowledge, he could request that it is removed from the apartment. However, he needs a good reason and must set a reasonable period. If the dog makes no noise and no dirt and no one bothered, I see no problem.

No ban - then applies - the dog is allowed.

How long can you take a dog as a "holiday replacement" for when pets are not explicitly prohibited in the lease?

Not at all.

Here a judgment:

At what time you need the authorization of the proprietor?

From 1 day. _________________________________________________________________________

Only when you have visitors who brings a dog, then the visit may stay with dog. But even then there are limits.

Store in maintenance or the like, which may not be without agreement.



At what time you need the authorization of the proprietor?

Enlighten the best from the owner. Then you have the information from a reliable source and you can optionally also rely on it.

Visit with dogs You can - but only the dog allowed to you I do not think so.

To any discussion to go out of the way, I would call your place the owner and tell him that you take a dog in care for about XXX weeks ...

If you are the neat and decent recite, so far let you have anything to debt come, then the owner will have no objection decides otherwise or he tells you that his toleration of the dog is valid until 31 March 2015 ...

As far as I know, but am not sure ... ... ends "visit" in six weeks ... Perhaps this refers also only human-visit ...

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