how long can dog alone (apartment)

I got myself a dog and have a work which takes 5st I can a dog while aleine let thanks for the reply

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You did have to think you BEFORE feeding the dog !!!

A puppy you may not have initially alone! Then you have it completely after some time, slowly get used to it, ie always leave a little bit longer alone ...

A adult dog who knows the - yes. A Welpi must learn the first - my, 3 months, is already well alone, but of course not 5 hours.

Absolutely no way! That's like a baby who needs protection and security. That you can not do the dog .. there would have the animal protection also no joy. These are very sensitive creatures ... please do not forget that. Greetings and find a nice solution, so you are both happy. :-)


especially if you have your dog only recently, you should him over this period does not leave you alone! He needs you as a new Bezugspwerson!

More than 3 hours I would not let a dog alone! Ensured should then be that he does not perform his business in the apartment!

It must also be guaranteed that he has enough eating and drinking!

GLG, every success and a beautiful, sunny day, you wishes clip mouse :-))

acquired a dog and have a work takes the 5st

only when the dog is older and it is used for so long to be alone. However, I would not advocate such an attitude anyway.

If it's a puppy, is not it! Puppies need at least every 2 hrs. And in between (even the night!) And out several times daily. Fed.

You're joking, right? Yourself only adopt a dog and then ask only whether you can to leave you alone?

Nei, you can not just like that. Dogs must learn to be alone, because it is against their nature. How old is the dog? Where did you get him what weißtdu about him, about his past?

If the dog is accustomed YES. But a new dog (puppy?) I would not 5 hours. Let alone in a still strange for him .... apartment. Why did you actually acquired a dog, if you have to work? Have you no one to take care of him or at least may even look after him?

If a dog has learned, that alone is Is that just he 5 hours in the apartment.

If it has slowly learned the dog and is no longer a puppy does it.

But you can let alone a puppy so long.

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