How long can I leave a dog alone?

Hello, my parents and I wanted to buy a dog. There is only one problem, I visit the school and my parents both go to work. My mother is the last to leave the house to exactly 10am she drives always going on, but only about 3 times a week, sometimes it has free. I always come on at 15 o'clock at home, that takes the dog to wait 5 hours to my parents thought it would be too much, but you can not teach the dog through education to wait? Even as Info, we live in an apartment located in the village, so we do not have a garden. In the breed we would most like to have a Puggle, my mother loves pugs and I Beagle, so the Puggle.

My question: Is it possible to teach a dog to wait? Or are these 5 Stunnden zulang?

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Sorry, woman and cell phone technology :( wanted to write only one answer to ...... I think the issue of how long you should leave a dog alone, obsolete ... Anyone with common sense knows actually that you a puppies can be no hours alone ... Needs a lot of practice and time for both man and the four-legged friends ... but I see it not for an adult dog to stay as difficulty 7-8Std.alleine ... Dhfür me as well, that this is in front of work (and school) well utilized .... I am 7 Std.weg, go an hour before work not just walk, but build something for his head zBElemente obdience the rally ... and after the work I am 3-5Std.draußen .... What it brings to the dog when it must not remain alone long and is still underutilized !?

You'll certainly get here very account verse opinions whether to five hours are long or not.

In my opinion, 5 hours basically ok, especially if it is not every day. Ultimately, however, always decide the individual case and which one can predict just not say for sure, so you have to give consideration to the worst case.

BUT: The dog has to learn even 5 hours if you want a puppy is the several months dauern.Wie aimed at bridging this time? Summer holidays are not enough there. An adult dog can possibly meet some time, but also has to settle and has possibly already prior experience.

And also you have a plan B if you think the dog, it just does not learn or it takes a very long time. There are dogs that remain problems even longer time alone, others also think it is a short time is simply not enough. Then, if necessary, a dog sitter must be found (money) or a foster home.

Can you gewähleisten a solution certainly in this case speak mE 5 hours is not fundamentally opposed to the attitude of a dog.

Huhu ...

You can leave dogs alone when they are used to it, that is if you have it gradually taught them. But 5 Dtunden I find it at the border. A dog often feels only well in community and misses his pack. Cats are different.

When a new dog, then so to dog school (dog license is anyway in some states already compulsory) commission, and in case of emergency, a good friend or a friend in the neighborhood or a good Tiersitterin (found, for. Example, the * bulletin board in a supermarket *), time to look for the animal, once it has been accustomed to being alone. In the one year old dog of our friend (the first partout not want to stay alone and the whole house had together quantitative barks, it works now but now also quite good. You just have to practice again and reward him with Leckerlie and immediate Gassigehen when come home.


So I have a Maltese, with whom I 3 times a day mind.45 min gassi gehe.das first time 3.50Uhr. I in layers arbeite.das must know in advance, because you can not treat it like a toy it, if you take just pleasurable hat.sie is then 10 hours alone, I've antraniert long. makes me feel not very well, but my everyday work has to acquisition geändert.dann I go 14:00 and then 19:00 again extensively. it's been 10 years and is now on super klar.kommt the race at. a beagle I would not recommend you because it give a lot of movement and mental fördung braucht.könnt problems, because then it distributes the boredom with mischief in the apartment.

A puppy or young dog can not be left alone for the first half year.

And if he can ever learn it depends on the einzelnben dog. It gibtz dogs which can never learn and even considered zugrun de go and die (our Tibioma is a copy). Others makes it even nix from (our Lienchen). Beio us it works only because weir have a funtionierendes pack of 3 dogs.

I would recommend you an adult dog from the animal home to take - because you know if it will work.

And please remember the Beagle and everything is mixed with it. Keeping a dog pack in individual attitude is cruelty and often ends so that the dog will börartig.

In the breed we would most like to have a Puggle,

Puggle is how this whole pseudo Designer breeds nothing but a hybrid. However nejhmen greedy people for these mongrels Preiose like it was a pedigree dog in which all 5 previous generations are examined for all hereditary diseases. This is almost never the case here. Lies you smart about breed-related diseases of both races, then you know what you expect worse eventuel and the dog. Stay away from such a dog Ever Mehrern.

When one tries Pug rückzukreuzen to time again and give the animal back a nose. Such retro pugs can at least breathe a little better _ the recent Zuichtlinien with Platter nose are spoiled farms where you have to expect due to the fehlendn nose with dieversen operations and heart problems. Please do not support something. Eas is animal cruelty ,.

Hi :) we ourselves have a dog. The problem is that a puppy is not housebroken, that is, he pees just anywhere. Furthermore, many dogs have to pick up the habit shoes, pillows or anything else and to make this break. our dog is partly längers alone, but we do have about 5 years. I would suggest you only buy a Hunf if you also have time for it. Voher brings nothing a dog. You have indeed a bond to build dog and if every day is 5h alone, this does not work quite .. So wait best until you sure have time. A dog needs more blank than just short out in the garden.

5 h following already for dogs much, who live in a family long. If ye anschafft a dog, he needs to get used to you to first. Because you must not let him as 30 minutes alone longer, otherwise he gets anxiety. But even if you're every day for 6 weeks with him, he will be not so quickly get used to it alone. How will you do that? You know the character of the dog not yet, in the end it is a coward and urinates your whole apartment full ..

From my perspective, I advise strongly discourage a dog to purchase if you can not be around the clock since. Think it would prefer to buy a cat (which can then in time out) or a rodent.

dogs must be that alone can not in tiny steps leren .. this rich holiday from etc ... remember that you will not last very long more shcule be and when you do a training, then a lot of long su home wegsein will !

a puggle is not a race -but an expensive mix, with the plant to diseases - depending on what vererbst is simply a very lively hundchen with a large hunting drove very eingeschaenrkter breathable get that sit an absolute torture!

please buy you are in this condition no dog!

let me tell you nothing ... any alleged pedigree dog originated from crossings. the VDH has such a lobby that he decades long crossings repeatedly permitted this, and even favored that have the dogs really do not deserve. all just retribution searches and greed of the breeders. what are dogs look for a nonsense ... if you fashion dog worth put on a, buy a for expensive money, no matter what you spend your charcoal, you just think about that for you but do not always get a healthy dog ​​....

as everything must also the dog learn some need for a very long time, some feel cruel when they are left alone for long life in ...

many dogs and should not be a secret, are more than 8 hours alone, because there is no other way for many. since no one makes great thoughts, meanwhile times to instruct someone to go with the dog out ... that there will always be and always sch ... stay ...

in the end the dogs have not got a big lobby, alone the classification of the list is dog but from the outset contradicts the nature of a dog.

we must ensure that people sensitive to deal with dogs, to make more thoughtful and often prefer to opt out of a dog, as not to be the animal-friendly.

Maybe you are thinking about you, to become a sponsor for a dog at the shelter.

Then you can play, walk the dog and even make a dog the joy to come out. So your problem is solved.

A dog is not a toy, which is then adjusted times fast a few hours aside. Think the times.

An adult dog who has learned it may be fine.

A puppy or a dog that has to be learned not only it comes aufkeinen case.

can be alone Even a dog can not let happen overnight 5h alone one. One should at least 2 weeks, his permanent home he damiz down at the new used at home can

The dog pisses you the apartment is fully grown voll.Wenn He so with 2 years that goes well with 5 hours.

1: 5 hours are ok (I think) he must be gone before, of course, walk extensively and eat and drink must be plenty there for the dog. 2: if he did not even know then you have to teach him slowly, so do not be directly five hours alone. 3: it was a puppy, then this would absolutely not go with the 5 hours. 4: I have my dog's also still have to teach, I got him in puppy age and then always left gradually few minutes alone ..... So dogs learn something actually relatively quickly. The first time I rewarded him always directly play with a bit that he was really great. Lg

For a dog, it is really hard to regularly have to have 5 hours alone.

For a puppy it is impossible !!!

Your parents are right when you before purchasing a dog already knows that he has to stay for hours alone, then manages to be a dog in!

Pugs are verqualzüchtete fashion dogs need not only in the acquisition cost a lot of money, but also during their not so long lifetime much medical care; thats expensive...

For fashion Mischlingshund PUGGLE I can not tell you anything - but the best mongrel dogs (also breed dogs) you will always find at the shelter

for theam let alone you answer enough to get that let her go you absolutely wirklch by the head sollt--

related news Puggel I say but something else -

which is a HYBRID NO RACIAL a hybrid, (which is sold very expensive as a pedigree dog) --- between a very lauffreudigem and jagdttauglichem so much rain, turned up, agielem dog - a beagel

and a lazy, bewegungsmüffeligen, totally inbred, schnappendem to air dog, the mops--

imagine times, the running joy dominates the body of itself being dog barely breathe, would mean the beagel the dog wants to run and move and it can not, because he is a prisoner pug in body - animal cruelty high 10 and vice versa, the lazy, bad breath could end mops in the body of a running joyful beagels -

So you realize how absurd such a crossing is - it is said by the introgression of beagels can pugs breathe improving ways - but the inheritance refers not only to you breathing, but also on beings of the dog.

There are also rear bred möüse, but we must ensure possibly go very far to a breeder - beagel gets in fst every animal shelter --but that are not for the beginner un should not be kept alone, because there are meute dogs.

that's unfortunately very very long: / I also think too long: /

Depends depends on what Dür a dog. Veranda some you can hardly leave her alone and single pair 8-9 hours

Your dog should definitely get enough food morning and evening. Moreover, should min. every 2 days to be a long walk in it, so that the dog in the same area feels comfortable and not alone, you should look after the working day to the "Animal". mfg!

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