How long do smoothies?

I would like the morning "breakfast" a smoothie, but I am anyway have stretched for time, I would like evening already prepared him. Would that be a problem? Could it be that it is hard or the like, since it also includes, for example oatmeal? Thanks in advance.

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How long is a smoothie Stable?

The durability of a green smoothies depends on three different sizes. First there is the choice of ingredients, because certain herbal ingredients are more durable than others. Next is the age of the ingredients and their freshness. The fresher the ingredients, the longer the smoothies are durable. The third factor is the type of storage. to protect the smoothies from heat, light and oxygen (due to oxidation) is best. For this purpose it is advisable to keep them to fill in a sealable container (preferably a glass bottle with a large spout) and then, for example, in the refrigerator.

How long a green smoothie is ultimately preserved, can not quantify a flat rate. It is often spoken of up to two days. If the storage is done as recommended, represents at least in my experience is a day no problem. However Longer periods should not be pursued because it is better that smoothies prepared fresh every day. Fresh is simply fresh.

Put it in the refrigerator overnight then nothing happens :)

..... I am anyway have too little time. stand at 13 minutes earlier and dips.

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