How long does a sewn up OP wound hurt ....

Hello, I was operated on Thursday in the bar, had a staphylococci infection in the skin. The affected area has been generously removed (10x5x3 cm) It was once sewn under the skin and then keeps the skin obendrüber.Die scar is 13 cm long and was additionally stapled as it is very sits under tension.

Yesterday I was at the doctor who said the wound looks good, but since yesterday evening it always does more weh.Wenn I lie or sit I have no pain go only when it does hell weh.Ist it normal that in the wound healing process with the more and more hurt? Are perhaps to over tighten the strings, because the wound yes contracts from a certain day after the operation.?

I suppose lest the wound inflamed since Thursday antibiotics.

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So I had after surgery, with only 7cm section for 3 weeks pain when coughing, laughing, bending, etc ... everything where the stomach is under tension (cutting through the belly button). That's normal, because what was cut, which was sewn back together, it is live. They had me there directly, as I was released one week after the surgery also added directly painkillers for another 2 weeks. Then, from one day to the next, it was gone.

If the wound is fine, nothing has ignited so you just have to first accept the fact that it attracts and eventually may also burn in the course of healing or itches.

This is quite different. Some scars do you a lifetime of hurt a little, itching etc.

These are rather wound healing pain. But if it is too strong, you should consult your physician to ask.

Immediately go to the doctor! Normal it is not that there is so much "hell" hurts. All the best!

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