How long does my dog ​​in pain?

My dog ​​had a tumor on the neck under the skin, which has been away 3 weeks ago. The wound has healed, the threads already drawn. But how well the body has healed where the tumor in the flesh had grown fixed? I avoid even my dog ​​at the point to stroke, when you come to the site accidentally jerks my dog ​​something together. How long does it take the body under the skin properly healed and he has no more pain?

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which is very different - it heals so inwardly ab..also that can still be good 6 weeks and longer sensitive ...

How long does it take the body under the skin properly healed and he has no more pain?

should you can tell the vet. It depends on how big the tumor was.

How do you know that the dog in the surgical area has pain when you touch him there?

the dog was determined shaved ... Now the fur grows back ... If you stroke then, the dog with these renewable coat surface is particularly sensitive to touch ...

So this may not necessarily be painful for your dog.

To me it would be really to think, if the dog after over 3 weeks still had pain ...

... I would be tomorrow morning but quickly again at the vet.

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