How long is about Häärt a dog

My bitch is 1.5 years old and I have since 3 months and you go a lot of hair from the hide away so is the bit annoying wen white are everywhere hair who, when the ends?

The best answer

It varies but usually until it is slightly warm and would be the Winterfell to warm. Brush distributes it best every day then not so much hair in the apartment. But I'm just Saugen..Saugen..Saugen

Depends on. It may be related to the weather, but then it would be only a few weeks like this. It may be related to mites or the like, then you should consider the time let the doctor (they itch themselves as well). Or do they fed wrong, this is the most common problem. Then you should change 60% meat on a high-quality wet food with min. Not mixing carbohydrates and especially no grains and no sugar. These brushes regularly.

If it was not previously so anything their organism must influence. When I was from the beginning, so, since we Barfen (it raw feed) is the haunting past =)

My dog ​​waits all year Husky mix that simply belongs to a dog. I suck 1 times daily well Dan not also wait for the course you can also Rassiren your dog but do not let the dear

Dog hair ever! Until the dead!

Dogs get a summer and a winter coat. Because it can sometimes get a few weeks to hair loss. But there! Over approach would be to yes before At length a dog

Dogs HAIR !!!! always! : D

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