How long kan leave a dog alone at home?

Hello, I have this question just now asked before, but I was I think very misunderstood and have only given talks, so once it's best, from the time, are my family and I buy a dog because I me all my life a wish and always used to play with dogs of neighbors and acquaintances have, but it is so that we have during the day at school and in the work and the dog then probably 8-14 pm every day is at home alone, not necessarily mandatory, because I will have at least once a week later school, but already most. My grandma lives with us, among us in the house and they would usually home all day and she wants too long a dog, so she's not alone, we just do not know how many years they can take care of him is but you would not go out with him or something that we would do in the morning, and we also have a vast land, a cat and even chickens also, it would be at all possible for the dog in the morning to leave it alone, or in the presence of our grandmother? Thanks in advance

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A dog can alleuinbleiben long as he has learned to be alone. Not every dog ​​can learn it.

This is individually different. I know dogs are doing well even though they sometimes 10 hours alone, others would die even at 1 hour tägklicvh. One knows it before n ot. Wichtiog therefore NEBn Plan B to have (Gassigeher or so)

Wwelpen / young dog does not go.

In the presence of grandma: no problem, if you can leave it in between times in the garden so that it can be solved.

Otherwise, six hours with Sitter something much, because you usually still need to add calculators 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the housing and living conditions and daily routine) until the dog can be solved.

Please take a puppy, if your grandma is not able to bring him out the first time every two hours.

Beginners I recommend anyway rather to an adult dog with gefestigtem beings.

Have recourse to animal shelters or, even better, to animal welfare organizations who work with private foster homes. These foster homes consist z. T. similar circumstances as in the "target families". Most can assess their Pfleglinge very accurate. therefore accepts it please, if you do not want to give you a favorite of you dog. No one wants a dog after a few weeks will be played back because it has then not fit.

With patience can be found for almost all circumstances a suitable dog. Maybe it takes a few months (in our first dog, it has one year lasted).

Depending on the age of the dog as it feeds you from a few years up to 15 years responsibility for him, therefore it is necessary in the selection of the appropriate family member (!) Proceed very carefully.

In the presence of the grandmother yes: Alone: ​​No, that is absolutely not good for Wuffi.

You do not you lock indeed 6 hours in some cubbyhole. WITHOUT the Annehmlichkeinten as mobile phone, PC etc.

How long kan leave a dog alone at home?

This is only limited by the supply of food and water. As long as the dog can eat and drink, being alone does not mind. He poops then stop in the apartment. But that is not what you want to know.

You want to know whether the dog of the week may be every Day 6 hours alone. And the answer is: Yes, he can, and if he is housebroken and not ill will, then nothing happens. I have found in my 38 years dog ownership no 10 times to wipe away some of my dogs. And I can without any problems let alone 14 hours without anything happening. I do not write that I do it regularly, but I could. And if there's your grandmother present, then the six hours no problem if the dog for a walk was in the morning, and was taken to ensure that he has also made his big business.

Jaa I think so !! The morning he will survive. I made a school internship in animal shelter letze week and believe me every animal would be grateful if you would get it as hollow. Especially if your granny is still there should not be a problem. Because this is to be better than in the animal shelter only fed and you wrnn times as dog happiness has is a visitor with a walk. Otherwise the tierchen but null be promoted. So I have the zumindesz in DIESET week itself felt.

For an older dog that would certainly be in order. But do not forget that his has to be learned alone. Otherwise, get great stress, which can adversely affect the health of the dog. So start small and then ever longer.

Initially your grandma will have to worry more about the dog. Where is the garden? Near the road? I would not let my dog ​​unattended in the garden, where each access to the fence has. Firstly, he may be poisoned by dog ​​haters, secondly annoyed by children and thirdly, it can get pretty stupid habits, life barking as the fence. There's no one there to unterbinden- it.

When Grandma is away from home has not yet be alone or? The dog

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6 hours are clearly too many. Maximum 4 and that should not be a permanent condition.

And in the first 6 months, if he is still a puppy, you must not leave him alone. Only then do you begin to teach him at all. How will you do that?

I love you none If misunderstood in the last question. But more than 4 hours is too much, especially if it happens every day. And the situation in the future will certainly be better if the grandmother may no longer can and you have longer school or begin an education.

daytime at school and in the work and the dog then probably 8-14 pm every day is at home alone

Then forget sometimes quite rapidly acquiring a living dog !!!

If you before buying a dog already knows that he has to endure many hours alone, then the purchase is simply irresponsible !!!

If you so much want to have a companion for walking, rather then going walkies-goers in a shelter

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