How long someone comes into the prison if he has committed assault me

I feel really bad my parents do not care that my brother beats me my father has me sometimes beaten and quite often many times I had after bruises and have in some places bled he would like me if he comes back to beat if I had a video recording I could show him then both my brother and my father, I have strong suicidal thoughts I weep strongly I believe I am now writing a suicide note ... What can I legally do I because I am 15 years old male

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You could definitely times go to a youth counseling center. As long as it is in the family, it comes naturally to no good if it is tantamount to display or police. But of course you have the right to insist that you are treated properly. And if it does not see the parents, do not hesitate to to another location. There you can describe everything in detail and you will be able to tell you what Mögölichkeiten there.

You can view father and brother even without video recording. In any case you should call to the youth welfare office. You can just call and ask for an appointment there.


Injury as it has taken place with you is a criminal offense and will be prosecuted if there is a display! You have to make not even the ads! This can make the youth welfare office or the family doctor!

What is the punishment fails, I do not know! Go definitely getting to the doctor and let documenting your injuries "You should also immediately contact the Youth Office, for your child's welfare is at risk! But your GP may also lodge a complaint if you tell him what's going home with you!

Norfalls always call the police! The already do what they need to make! Sprcih with confidants, like your teacher or guidance counselor, about your home situation! Emergency You turn also to the Telefonseelsorge! Only if you will automatically itself, one can help you!

I wish you, all the best and a nice day :-))

Love, clip mouse :-))

That is impossible to say a flat rate. Video evidence you are also useful when you go to a counseling center for young people, or who turn to the Youth Office.

honestly, go to the police or youth office that will help you.

but it does not matter what penalty someone gets when displaying it, but it comes to the hell out of the family and you will not be beaten.

Go to the youth welfare office and describe your case. You should get out of this violent family. You should also report to the police report.

Turn away. At the Youth Welfare Office, if the again lend a hand call the police or reimbursed display

You can go to the police and display report (or report even the youth welfare office), but these two come probably in jail hardly

Speak with a teacher to you like or with friends but do not merely Sch * ISSE.

You must always remember: what comes after the suicide is not bad for you, but for all your acquaintances, for all your friends, for your classmates and other people who ever had contact with you.

Police or as soon as possible Jugendamt!

Go to the Youth Welfare Office that help rather

But no one goes to jail. Which does not mean that it is not penalized if it is displayed.

youth office immediately

call the number against grief

and stop, here in any question about your brother to petzen .. I believe you honestly not really ...

You call right now the youth welfare office and describe to everything or go now to the police.

can be said about imprisonment nothing. It depends on the circumstances of an offense, the severity of the injury, juvenile or adult criminal law, criminal record, etc.

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