How long to 10 Kg to decrease?

Hey :) I am female 18 years'm 1,64m tall and weigh about 64 kilos I want about 10 kilo slimming by jogging and diet Have 3 years ago 12 kilos weighed less and had almost every day jogging 30 min

What do you think would be to achieve a reasonable time my goal and how often and how long should I go jogging a week (I'm doing the time no other sports

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At least 3 momate

So first, the weight has very little to do with the fat by jogging the body metabolizes fat. At the same time it increases to Muskelatur. There are different ways to decrease. I know many that weigh little or no make sport and still little. It depends on your metabolism to it, and how much you eat. Jogging can not hurt, it would not exaggerate and slowly start to increase. You can do take 10 kilos, while it depends on several factors to it there. How often go jogging really how far how fast, etc. I would prefer a week jogging if you then also draw only 2 times or three times there. Otherwise there's no purpose. Between the training days, I would you empfelen to make at least a rest even one day. Thus, the muscles can relax or you go jogging every day the most important thing is to stay on the ball.

It is calculated in healthy eating 1 kg / week.

But I wonder: WHY ?????


the food is decisive not the sport, so healthy and so calorie eating + motion + much patience, it takes

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