How many horses I may hold on this paddock? (Accurately measured)

Hi I have the paddock could now be measured I am one meter oda so vermessn've PS: THREE BOXES ARE ALSO BECAUSE I HAVE NOT AN counted IS CA. 3 × 3 × 3 ODA 4 ARE ALL GLEIH BIG !!

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At least half a hectare per horse so I would say 2 could be suitable plan because even riding area and storage space for hay bales and paddock is the willow would just not paddock plan rather annual pasture and in the spring a paddock near term for 6 weeks in the time the pasture care to ..abschleppen make fertilize possibly rolling overseeding and so the grass has the opportunity to grow ..

After your sketch come out about 12000qm, which is 1.2 hectares. So if Allow about 1Ha per horse, then only 1Pferd. Since horses but never should be alone, then it is enough just for 2 horses when they are no longer than 8 hours outdoors. Otherwise the meadow barely survived a grazing season.

Of course you can also accommodate up to 6 horses on this surface, which requires but a hay rack filled always (even in summer !!).

Ideally, a pasture always be divisible, so that the parts can be used always mutually and the other part has time to regenerate. Also pastures must be fertilized from time to time, which makes it then also in parts ...

LG Calimero

0 horses because absolutely insufficient.

It depends on how long you want them graze. The less the longer the grazing period. I would draufstellen no more than 6 horses. The more, the faster the meadow is eroded and the sod is trampled, especially in rainy weather.

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