How many € Shisha sale?

So .. I want my THS Predator Scorpion Shisha sell because I'll quit smoking. Now I am looking for a reasonable Verkaufapreis. The shisha was bought this year, smokes perfectly and has no quirks and no scratches, as I very well treatable. It is equipped with accessories just over 300 € worth and 4 hoses expandable .. Predator Shisha - € 219 2nd hose attachment - a few euros. Kaloud Lotus (headgear) - € 49.95 Harmony Bowl (head) - € 25 silicone tube with glass mouthpiece - € 22. Everything has been handled very well and is functioning properly and has no flaws! So times to the real question: What do you think is a reasonable price for the complete set?

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Write me at times privately then we can enjoy writing have interest in your whistle when we will agree with the price. Would love to write about whatsapp with you about it, and one probably could still send me photos :).

Is certainly an expensive shisha been accordingly a good and only about 1 year old. However, you must be aware that it is now used (although only 1 year) and therefore difficult is more than 200 € to require especially wen you they're up on eBay for sale. I would 100 € - € 180 require

Lg lorduc

Hello I wanted to know whether you have the Shisha still would be glad if you present yourself :).

Best regards


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