How many times can I bathe my dog?

Hello my dears!

We are about us zuzulegen a small Maltese lady, as we bring long been toying with the idea a quadruped in our lives. But since I do not fully stand in the dark, I would like to know how many times I may ever bathe a dog or as I best care for the coat of Maltese.

Kind regards and thanks in advance

The best answer

In the vast majority of dogs, it is not necessary to bathe them as long as they do not stink 10 miles against the wind, for example because they have wallowed in something that has been dead longer or optionally digested.
If the dog has only normal mud, dirt, dust etc. gotten (which is not to be avoided), it is sufficient completely to rub him with an old towel somewhat dry to clean the paws and if it is dry again durchzubürsten time fix.

My white, plushy dog ​​I did not properly bathed, only ever showered her feet and sent into the water for 1 1/2 years. She does not smell unpleasant, only "outside".
What I do on a regular basis every week even though she does not like it is tooth brushing, simply because they advance also things eats contain sugar such as fruit. Especially in the summer they eat a lot of berries and then every time practicing the drama from the front is too goofy)

With shampoo I would only wash when he wallows in carcasses or manure. Otherwise, this is not necessary and also harms the fat layer of the skin. Baden I would not, simply rinse off with clear, cool water. I must in my make quite often because Retrievers are well known small sows source: http: // ...

as I best care for the coat of Maltese.

Maltese are very maintenance-intensive! Since the fine hair felts very quickly, he must daily. Gründilich be combed, and from an early age, so the dog later no trouble combing makes!

Here you can also read where it comes to taking care of a Maltesers:

But the breeder will certainly also give you useful advice and you detailed advice!

Please do not bathe. No matter what you are told, but shampoos and ständioges Baden harm the animal's skin. Brush them 1 to 2 times a week, then the coat on smooth and silky

Our dog circulated constantly in something ... And if it stinks or is very dirty, then we Baden them up, but with a dog shampoo from the vet :)

Grooming brush by regularly. Baden as little as humanly possible, the dogs skin tolerates the not good.

Also Maltese dogs are not bathed ...

The grooming is expensive with comb and brush - but it please accustom the puppy from the beginning, otherwise you will experience often times Zickereien ...

Dogs are only bathed when they have rolled in something smelly disgusting ... Then, use only lukewarm water as possible with a special dog shampoo ...

Everything else for care will give you with the way the breeder

Baden you must own Tilch garnicht except she has made herself dirty but then umbedingt use a dog shampoo because a normal shampoo would deprive the coat the protective fat layer and otherwise eig. Only good so would it not felted

Baden is best otherwise as lost as little as possible skin protection .. For Everyday beautiful comb :)

A / twice a week maximum. Rather, every other good (Expensive) Dog Shampoo

1-2 times a year is enough! and if it has gewältzt eg extremely in slush

Do not need to bathe him when he is not dirty.

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