How many watts does my Pc? New video card

Because I want to buy myself a graphics card I have to make sure first that my power supply has enough watts available.

My graphics card is the Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 (without Ti) and needs 64 watts My Porzessor is AMD Phenom II x4 945 and needs 95 watts

I know nciht whether the motherboard also needs what, or the Ram.

The best answer

Guess min. 300 watts should be the one for the PC. I would give you but at least. A 400Watt recommend to you a Thermaltake Munich 430W would be enough, but a BeQuit 400Watt power supply is recommended more.


the motherboard with all the trimmings typically consumes a maximum of 100 watts, thus a 500 watt power supply would be easy enough if you might want to also upgrade times.

LG Tobi

Lad you the little tool here:

Saves you in future such questions here!

Kuck online and Reche the wattage together

500W power supply enough

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