How many weeks can separate a cat vob Mother?

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the kittens should bliben least 12 weeks at Mama. Although they appear from the 8th-9th Week already very independent, but in recent weeks, shaping social behavior. You have to cut the cord slowly learned to fight, demonstrate territorial behavior, become independent cats. And when they kommendann away please never give away alone. endweder is where they go have a cat, need not be the absolutely same age, but no Methuselah, or you give two siblings away together.

Counsel please the new owners about how two guys or two girls or a Päärchen are expected to behave with each other. In any case, they have at times, at the latest when the milk teeth have fallen out to be neutered, unless you are in the team and are breeding pedigree cats, but then you would not ask such a question.

all the best and a lot of fun with the little ones and big cats

warm greeting Silversky

With 12 weeks better even until 14th

And please individually on no account, but with a sibling or another, about the same, cat now.

The little ones should stay with their mother until th 12 weeks !!!!

12 weeks Do not sooner.

With 12 weeks.

Please only after the 12th week.

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