How many works has the Telekom?

Does anyone know? On the Internet I find unfortunately only product to spy affair.

Greeting Zappix

The best answer

That you can answer none so easy, because there is "Telekom" from dozens of companies, businesses and subsidiaries. These all have a works normally. Across a group works council is established.

You can assume that verdi works occupy the works council in most establishments.

Because the transfer of businesses and companies buying some farms in the Telekom should be consolidated where the Betriebsrtratsmitgieder IG Metall members. This meant that geltenede collective agreements of IG Metall also apply in the Deutsche Telekom Group. There were complaints from employees because verdi collective agreements were worse. won the lawsuits.

There are still a promising Arbeitnehrmerinitiative where however the functionaries of the Telekom have banned. Because of the 1,000 members makes that but for Telekom little sense.

Vivento injured

perhaps this will help further

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