How mealworms feel in the mouth?

Hey, has anyone eaten fried salted times mealworms? Did it once before at Amazon to order. My question would be how they feel in the mouth. Leaved? Sticky? Slimy? Or I hope it crisp like a Knaberrei?

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I guess that is for animals? : D My mice eat the like, sounds crisp. So dried. Would you advise against it but because it does not really smells good and does not look good. But do what you can not leave.


Yes thereabouts as you hope, which are not slimy rather as crisp because the chitin armor; D Well the "first time" you do not notice anyway wi ees anfühl itself, but will soon have it over with, and chews and chews and swallows it then down; d been with me so anyway but so also .Kommt on how they are prepared, I think; D

loving greetings chew a lot of fun; P

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