How much age difference is for you guys in a relationship ok?

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Depends on how old you itself. The older I get, the greater may be the difference. At the moment I have a 4 years.

I find depends on the mature and how old is he and how old are you?

Find it totally does not matter. The age of a human being, after all, says nothing about his mature. It just says how long someone has lived and when you're in love and the chemistry is right is that old matter

arwen Lg :)

When you love yourself, the age does not matter. My first love was all four years older than me. Nevertheless we were three years together.

I would say to 10 years approximately, but actually does not matter!

Depends on the age from. If it is not 14 4 years too much if it is 20

depends on my age. If I 35 were 10 years still okay. Am I 17 max. +/- 2

Naja wenns now 4 years is not in the Teen-time but everything is okay ツ

No matter, as long loves ye

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