How much are 4 feet 8?

READ FIRST! Hi, So first, No I'm not stupid but my sister says that 4 feet 8 = 4.8m but I maintain that 4 feet 8 = 4,08m Who is right and why? I learn for years that I have to speak it the way I say it. Thank you in advance (:

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that 4 feet 8 = 4.8m but I maintain that 4 feet 8 = 4,08m

If it would be called "four point eight meters", then it would be clear: 4,8m.

In everyday but you write mostly 4,80m 4,8m instead (although the additional 0 is superfluous), and we say colloquially "four feet tall." This can now be read both as a "four point eighty" as well as "four meters and eighty centimeters" - which of course makes no difference - but when it is said instead "four feet eight," then there is obviously a difference if you which reads as "four-point 8 meters" (4,8m) or as a "four meters and eight centimeters". (4.08) I do not think that there is a mandatory rule that defines what is right.
I would to your interpretation, so 4,08m (four meters and eight centimeters), tend. When I'm shopping in the store, and it costs together as 13.07 euros, the Kassiereren also says yes "13 Euro seven". Does it cost the other hand 13.7 euros, then she says "13 Euro seventy", and then stands on the receipt and 13.70 euros instead of 13.7.

In "4 point 8 meters" can arbitrarily attach many zeros. But that is something other than "4 feet 80"

  • "4 point 8 meters": Verbal expressed point number (with unit).
  • "4 meters 80" - No point number but colloquial Summary for "4 meters plus 80 centimeters" = 4,80m

Accordingly: 4 feet 8 "- No point number but umganssprachliche Summary for" 4 meters plus 8 centimeters "= 4,08m

So spoke "Four meters Eight" are 4.08 meters for me. 4.8 would be "Four meters Eighty" or "Four point eight meters" (this form you will, however, rare in spoken German, see).

4, 8m are "four meter eighty" 4.08 four meter plus eight centimeters. therebetween may be a truck totalschaden.

claiming all commentators that there are 4m and 8 cm.
However, this is after saying 4 meters and 8 wrong!
After meter comes as nearest whole decimeter and not cm! Because behind the 8 no unit is, it is clearly in order of point number the "dm"!
Your sister has thus rightly so, because it is the logical conclusion!

They say: "4 meters and 8 centimeters" = 4,08m

4.08 is correct because: if it was 4.8 m, then one would have to say 4 meters 80th

4 feet 8 408 Zenimeter = 4.08

Then wären's 4Meter 80 after your sister, you're right.

but I maintain that 4 feet 8 = 4,08m

That is correct. What would your sister claiming four meter eighty (4.80).

The eight follows immediately after the comma, ie 4.8!

So I am for 4.08, because: 4 meters and 8 centimeter.

You're right.

4 point 8 is 4,80m and 4 feet 8 is 4.08! You're right!

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