How much cola drinks her as a week?

I would be interested to know so

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I drink quite 1 liter per day! But has a reason. I am Fructose Intolerant. Can not drink fruit juices, soft drinks alcohol, fruit teas.

Alternatively remains with still water or just Cola Zero or Coke Lightund .Kaffee. Tea is not my thing and I drink only when it is necessary! Can maybe not drink so many varieties.

Want to say that I have previously been drinking more than 2 glæder week!

GLG and a nice day, you wishes clip mouse :-))

I do not drink cola. That's just brown sugar water. If I buy what I take to clean the drain.

about 1 liter per year, am there become very cautious ^^

I drink Cola only in the movies, or movie nights with friends. So so commonplace at all. Of which I will actively haha

I have times a year is calculated and it showed exactly 0.0000L

I'd say a week about 1-2 Litrr ... Depends ann if I make a game night with my friend or not ...

So about 0.2 l per year

absolutely none

is unhealthy

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