How much does a blackboard

I have provided him the school from a blackboard ruined I have to pay liable insurance or the school?

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So once the school must determine whether a vicarious liability by a teacher with the damage caused. Because the teachers are responsible for you. IN general, assumes that yes has no income a student and be him imposed no cost. But Was it intentionally (which must be once detected), stick your parents about the liability insurance.

one can read that here:

Clarify this beforehand with the school / school head! If there are damages, which I guess will be the case, you must immediately discuss with the liability insurance! But a question: As well you get a stuck on the wall / hanging panel to "fall off" I would really like to know :) Ne joking aside, you could against you quite even ads, but not what I think! ,

Basically pay something when really no gross negligence, the liability of your parents. Did not you have to adhere. Did you also not, the school the next 30 years of your money request jnd yourself when you are able to pay to pay.

I do not know how to make a blackboard broken accidentally. If this is really plausible the case, it would be a case for liability of your parents (even if there are quite rumzicken), otherwise the cost would go to you.

Accidentally ??? That you believe is not human, "to get broken" as a board already requires it almost violence, z. B. with a sledgehammer! And then the question arises whether did not exist intent or wanton vandalism here. And that would then ask in this case, the insurance unless your parents have taken out liability insurance for you!

Was it accidentally or caprice? If accidentally usually engages the liability anderster you have the numbers and so ne panel nowadays costs ever few thousand


I do think that if there is no intention behind it, you do not have to pay the board. Are schools not for such cases insured? Or you have no liability insurance?

Best wishes

I think you have to pay it as something so accidentally happening

Describe please even the causation, as it has happened.

Only after a response is possible.

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