How much does a folding door?

We need a new goal for our driveway. Hab thought of a folding door made of steel, so that we do not lose as much space from the entrance. Does anyone know where I bekomm ago and how much that will cost roughly?

Have only images found on the Internet, but no price or shop nearby! Lg

The best answer

This is not standard to you there want to have. Since there are no prices as in milk from the shelf. So something is handmade. I guess under 10.000 is because not a lot of walking. Post set, steel door, paneling or design, zinc, etc.

An prefer painted with driving. The entrance is 5m wide. I realize that one can not compare with a packet of milk, so I ask yes here if anyone has experience.

because there are a variety of versions.

painted / powder coated

with or without drive

what size?

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