How much feeding her your dog?

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I am since yesterday proud Bestizerin a Volpino Italiano dog (5kg) and I am little unsure with the right amount of food. I Barfe him (ie feed raw meat), he has also assumed direct well. is on the side where I herhole the meat that small dogs should be fed a total of 2% of their body weight. That would be with him 100 grams distributed in two meals, which I relatively little appears.

The lady where I have brought him here, had so many dogs in their ASPCA that she could not say exactly how much he needs.

Can you help me? are the two percent ok?

A friend of mine barft their Stafford also, however, he gets much more than two percent of his body weight!

Thanks in advance!


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Since there is no ideal amount it depends so heavily on the metabolism and energy needs of your dog from that, you have it easy to test. Moreover, the various meat mixtures provide different amounts of energy and fat. Can also be that he you with just more meat (and vegetables) boots up only of energy, yet is thin, then a few Kohlenhdrate are also ok. Degrees in young dogs in the growth you've Waschtumsschübe where the energy demand and the recovery may vary in phases heavily.

I would never get the idea a dog in grams to feed exactly. Give him about a recommended amount to start with so that you have a base value and easy retains an eye on him if he shows increases or decreases or extremely after eating still hungry. Did you after a few days the impression he is very thin a little more give and a few carbohydrates, he takes visible to give a few days a little less and stay in the future some of the previous amount. So complicated is not real and you can adjust it at any time.

Dogs are quite flexible because they are not regularly adjusted by nature on a day exactly the same size meals.

If I freshly get meat from the slaughterhouse can it ever be that my German Shepherd 2 kg once eats if I leave him a whole beef heart, then after that there's also times 2-3 days no meat, just as if we tournament or a weekend with a lot of training had. The feed input should be balanced rather over the course of 1 week to 10 days in about a day everything with the letter scale.

Have fun with the little ones and not let yourself to get stressed very ...

They say at Barf about 2-3% of the dogs weight than feed amount Barf. This is such a guideline. Our takes about 1kg eat daily. but you get only 700g and has only increased now she keeps her weight (before was very ill) 2 times the week they get 1.3 kg. I do this as it just fits UDN look at my dog ​​if it's okay with the amounts. Weighing from Barf I'm as good as nciht. About rule of thumb.

Barf is much better utilized which is why you need less. Remember to dry food is much garbage inside the well so comes out again from the dog. also it is just a guideline. Your dog is right when he still waist you have the ribs palpate (not crush! ^^) But can not see.

Put him on the scales. And then feed the 2% If he from you doing 2.5% or 3% because it also depends on how much moves a dog what he does so on the day and how it implements the feed. Our gets cottage cheese with pure. It's not just the amount that makes a dog fat or thin, not always but also the composition. I'm sure I would make my Barf otherwise I would to 1 kg a day.

So I feed only between times ne "special diet"

The amount you need to test, my bull terrier mix (spayed) eats 24 kg kg a good day, beginning I also got loud book with 500g and despite the amount of it is the skinny. day because the body is not so burdened by the frequency, three times.

So my dog ​​(airdale terrier) is now 12 years old and we feed him since we always have it only in the morning, with a medium-sized portions

I consider it as @Rottimaus the adult dog with normal aciviies observed around 2-3% of body weight, and then the dog and given necessary, adjust the amount / fat content. We serve the dose to 2x per day distributed and each after we ate another Guddi in the form of slightly dried meat.

Why do you feed him raw meat and not a normal dry food? My Labrador dog (35 kg) gets almost 300 g dry food daily

try it with 2% ... it decreases enter etweas more.

Weighing is useful in small dogs. Because if I gram feed 2x 50 or because instead 60 grams in the cup land (= 20%) which makes even what made :-)

Class that you want to do it ricvhtig.

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