How much FPS you with an Nvidia Gtx 960 in Black Ops 2?

I wanted namely to create a new graphics card and enjoy playing ... Meine.alte was the gt530 with which I had just time 30 fps :(

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Hello M3ESH,

why the FPS are relevant for you?

I can not tell you, is how much FPS run the game at least, mainly due

  • the lack of information on the processor and memory.
  • the lack of information on the graphics settings.

Running it should but if you have not necessarily installed an Athlon, even on maximum details. And with a moderate frame rate, which will be definitely higher than with your old GT 530th

For more details answers to the keywords above would be helpful - Hardware and details. What hardware is installed? Would be important to see if the GTX 960 ever fit and would be worth. And the details are always the decisive factor for the FPS, no detailed statement indicates a large spread between the minimum and maximum frame rate :-).

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So, I have a 980 (the benchmark is not so eternal is far ahead of the 960) in the UHD operation with max. Antialiasing (which the most serious calculation for GraKa is) 50-70FPS.

If you are using the 960 "only" Full HD do you like playing with allowed to evaluate the expected 160-220. Depending on the game situation and setting.

MfG Olli

loosely over 60. Since the human eye normally anyway only about 60fps looks you'll be more than satisfied. : D

Places prefer ne gtx 970 believe me worth it double graphics memory

So much can make your monitor like.

60fps mind. One such pointless questions! Since 3Grafik generation in between !!

Definitely enough that the game runs smoothly.

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