How much is it a dog castrated?!?

wanted to know zugern what it would cost me if I castrate my dog ​​??

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The situation you describe is absolutely no sexual origin! Describe times but a situation, for example, you have him on a leash and and you can see from a distance a dog. What makes you that? Suppose your rudely accepts the scent of a bitch in heat on, then eats poorly, whines home rum sitting just outside the door and fiepst, takes weight off or unmotivated. Often frustrate the males, because there is no successful mating .. They no longer want to eat and it comes to dramatic weight loss. Or there may be permanent fighting between non-castrated males, if such behavior persists for several days, and it very often appearance is a castration really useful. Because the dog is just so guided by his exaggerated.

What you're describing is stress! Your dog has stress anrammeln you is stress reduction. Although there semen comes with. Likewise the anrammeln other dog is stress-relieving. Come the fuck in dogs, whether old and younger dog, male or female, spayed or neutered, when does that happen? Describe times but such a situation closer !!

Describe simply times a situation with a hundebegnungen, then one can give you tips.

always Depends on with what rate the vet settles. Call Best veterinarian and ask !!


the amount of costs for the castration of a dog depends on several factors.

It depends on whether the dog is a male or whether it is a bitch.

Next it depends on how the vet calculated.

We are regular customers in a particular animal hospital. We pay about 150.00 euros for the castration of male dogs.

When I wanted to neuter my dog, I asked for in two different hospitals.

The clinic wanted 550,00 Euro and had equal points out that the cost of neutering a dog will depend on how big the animal is, and whether it is a purebred or a mixed breed.

The second clinic gave me a price of 350.00 euros and in the clinic I went with my bitch.



An orientation to vet bills you can get here:

Before neutering your dog you should give the book "castration and behavior in the dog" by Udo Gansloßer and Sophie Strodtbeck read carefully!

Neutering eliminates any educational problems and need a medical indication!

Logically, it would be for you and your dog to go to a non-violent working dog school!

Ask the vet because it is always different

playing no desire to have never seen here a amstaff hab.

Hobbies please times your country Dogs Act to ... Has with you because so far not even the proper office or reported the veterinary ???

I would make a detour around you also with my dogs - in my opinion, you can not with your dog reasonably handle - say, you've given him under control ...

Then it is better if ma n to go out of the way.

Pick a veterinarian effecting the engagement - which is still better than if you the dog is taken - then you will never see him again.

call but the vet to

This can you not say any vet can make its prices in certain frame itself.

can call locally The only thing you do when TA.

What do you castrate male or female. Since there are also price differences. I can not remember what I paid for my dog ​​is now forth to the 3-4 years.

Find you time until a veterinarian you castrated a healthy males aged 7 months now ...

Why did you buy a healthy puppy if you think you can maim him soon now need to consider?

Vets have very different prices - as it helps so only: phone and search for ... Full along the lines of: price is g ...

But you have so many other sites in your life ... - then let the dog but once grow up ...

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