How much it cost a computer itself to build?

I would like to know how expensive it is, if you have a computer itself is built up, because I want to build a soon myself ??? Thank you in advance!:-)

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This is dependent on the components, you can have 450 euros assemble what or to 5000 Euro cobble together what that all depends on what you want to have a low-budget PC or an "I'm too much money" high-end Device.

The construction itself costs nothing.

If components with standard content then is everything you need for the assembly with at in the component.

Otherwise, it all depends on the components.

An office or a simple internet PC should be i3 very well equipped with a simple Intel. With the integrated graphics solution can also play back videos and smaller games in between.

If it then is sufficient for Newer hardware Hung More advanced games cost the graphics card then advance from 150 €.

If you want superscript the resolution and details can sometimes spend significantly more for a graphics card. As would cpu then a core i5 a good choice. then also costs so around 200 €.

In sharing as hard disk, motherboard, RAM, and drive housing you have to look up what you find great or want to have.

Simple disk with 1 to 2 TB costs about 60 €. Simple motherboard there are from about 60 € to 100 €. Simple Ram one can already expect from approx € 30 for 4 GB. housing there is then also from 30 € to ordinary aluminum housings for about 300 €.

If a normal cd / DVD drive is enough there is something off about 20 €. or make it absolutely burner a Blu Ray drive or Blu Ray?

So with simple rational components should be on a decent system with which one can play also reasonable as about 600 to 700 € expected.

Data cable for drives should actually themselves the mainboard be or possibly in the drive. Power cable all come together with the power supply and thermal grease should be with the cooler case. Either the boxed cooler or in additional cooler if you want to install a.

Only a screwdriver should have you.

As expensive as the items. And come all depends on what you want.

If you want to have a normal 500-1000 € ... If you want to have a GamerPC to 2000 € and if you have like my friend all want (GTX 980 Water cooled - Intel i7 - 4 TB hard drive) then it will cost you € 3000

Depends on how much you like him who want :) € 500 € -xxx

So much cost as the components.

2-3 € might also 5

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